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Do You Feel it's Important to Have Disability Insurance? 

What would happen if you are suddenly unable to work? A lot relies on your income. If the unexpected occurs, and you are too sick or injured to work, would your savings or the current disability benefits you receive through your employer be enough to:

      • - Pay your bills?
      • - Make your monthly mortgage or rent payments?
      • - Buy groceries?
      • - Make your car payments?
      • - Provide for your children’s education?

Disability income insurance helps to protect a portion of your income and protects you financially should you become disabled for an extended period of time. If your family relies on your income to pay for living expenses, then disability insurance is something that you should consider.

Key Features of Disability Insurance

      • - Helps protect a portion of your current income to help maintain your current lifestyle.
      • - Can compliment your existing disability coverage.
      • - Benefits might be tax free (please consult your tax advisor or accountant).
      • - Multiple options exist for various income levels.

Did You Know That in the United States:

  • - 1 out of 5 Americans will experience a long-term disability during their working years.

  • - Every thirty seconds, someone files for bankruptcy in the wake of a serious illness.

  • - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 50 million Americans are classified as disabled.

  • - During the course of your career, you are three and a half times more likely to be injured and need Long Term Disability Coverage than you are to die and need Life insurance.

While you are living and working, what do you think your most valuable asset is? Well, unless you are independently wealthy, it’s not your house or your car, but it’s your ability to earn an income. Simply put, we are on a mission to help all working class Americans secure paycheck protection.

As you see almost every day on the news, the risk of death is very high but the risk of disability is even higher. Disability insurance, otherwise referred to as Paycheck Protection, is designed to pay a monthly benefit to the insured if the client becomes too sick or injured to perform their day to day duties. Monthly benefits are based off the client's income documentation, their occupation and paramedical exam. To see how affordable a DI policy can be, feel free to apply for a quote at any time.

Most of us NEED Disability Insurance or we stand a chance to lose our income because of a Disability. Just look at how many home foreclosures have been caused by a disability in the family. Disability insurance comes in many different forms and with many different terms and there are many companies providing disability insurance. We have access to some of the top rated carriers across the nation.

Common Disability Insurance Terms..

Elimination Period (EP) - also knowns as the waiting period or the time you have to wait until you can start recieveing benefits after filing a claim. Typical EP's are 60, 90, 180 days. So choose an EP that fits your needs. How long can you sustain your lifestyle without your income?

Benefit Period (BP) - is the length of time that benefits will continue from the date they began. Typical BP's are 2yrs, 5yrs, or to age 67. 

Benefit Amount
 - is typically 60% of the client's gross pay usually up to a limit of $15,000 per month. Even if you need more than 15,000 per month, don't despair, just contact us as we are usually able to obtain coverage for up to 65 percent of even the highest incomes. 

Disabling Definitions:

Own-Occupation Definition: This is the most desirable type, and means that the insurance company which we select will consider the client's occupation to be the occupation he/she is in engaged in at the time he/she becomes disabled. The insurance company will pay benefits even if the client returns to work in a different occupation. 

Example: A surgeon, Dr. X (of course, an anonymous name) develops a tremor that prevents him from practicing as a surgeon. Dr. X can collect disability benefits even if he works to return to work as a family practice physician. So if he used to earn $250,000, and his disability insurance benefits are $150,000 per year (60%), he can still earn another income as a family practice physician making $125,000! 

Modified Own-Occ Definition: This is the 2nd most desirable and most commonly used. Under this definition, the client is unable to perform the 'substantial and material' duties of his/her regular occupation, and the client is under the regular care of a Physician appropriate for that client's injury or sickness. So lets take Dr. X. If he/she choose this policy, and returned to work as a family physician, he cannot collect full disability benefits. Now the benefits are based on a percentage of the lost income, so in this case the annual benefits would be reduced to $75,000 because there was a 50% loss of income. Remember Dr. X's income is now $125,000 instead of the pre-disability income of $250,000. 

Any Occupation: This is the least desirable type, but still better than having no protection. Under this poicy the insurance company determines what type of work is suitable for the client. If the client is found fit to work in a field qualified by his prior education, training or experience, that cilent would not be eligible for any disability insurance benefit. 

There are different ways that policies can be renewed, different 'what if' provisions, benefits and riders which are included or added to your disability policy. and these provisions will be discussed with you as we progress with your application. Exclusions and limitations can vary by policy.

No matter what your situation is, Contact Us Today so that we can get you a FREE No Obligation Disability Insurance Quote!

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