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Are you seeking a combination of safety & growth for your hard-earned dollars? Do you desire some flexibility and/or liquidity, or simply want a guaranteed rate of return? We have many top rated fixed/indexed annuity products to fit your needs. The closer you get to retirement, the more important it becomes to protect your retirement nest egg.  A Fixed Annuity provides that critical safety net for your principal while still providing liquidity.  Fixed-Indexed Annuities provide the same principal guarantees of a traditional fixed annuity while providing an opportunity for greater growth.
The buying power of today’s money is reduced by tomorrow’s price and inflation increases.  To help protect against this, some annuities can provide interest rates that will keep pace with inflation and reduce its risk. So whether you are seeking a combination of safety and growth for your hard-earned dollars, desire some flexibility and/or liquidity, want a simple guaranteed rate of return or need a guaranteed income stream you can never outlive, we have multiple carrier and product solutions to fit your needs.

  • Single Premium Immediate “Income” Annuities
  • Single and Flexible Premium Deferred Annuities
  • Fixed Rate Guarantees
  • Fixed-Indexed Annuities
  • Multi-Year Guarantees
  • Bonus Products
  • Joint and Survivor Annuities

What Exactly is an Annuity?

An annuity protects your principal, and provides guarantees while you get a good return, and income for life. An annuity is essentially a great savings plan. It defers taxes allowing money to compound more quickly. An annuity is a contract issued by a life insurance company that allows the client to set aside money today (premiums). In exchange the carrier promises a lifetime income stream. Like IRAs, annuity withdrawals before the person is at least age 59 ½ result in a 10% penalty. Taxes are paid when the interest earned is withdrawn. These insurance products don’t have a direct downside market risk due to market fluctuations as they are guaranteed by the company that issues them. Since they have a competitive interest rate they have been a favorite of informed financial minded individuals to accumulate and protect wealth. Traditional Fixed Annuities have been helping from all walks of life prepare for a secure retirement. With their combination of tax-deferred accumulation, minimum interest rate guarantees, and lifetime income options, fixed annuities have long been an important - and most would agree conservative - component of many American's financial portfolios. There are Two Phases with any Annuity product: 

1. Accumulation Phase – Money In  
2. Distribution Phase – Money Out

A Few Basic Types Include:

  • Flexible Premium Deferred (FPDA) – allows the policy owner to determine the amount and frequency of premium payments
  • Single Premium Deferred (SPDA) – only one premium payment allowed
  • Single Premium Immediate (SPIA) – provides income soon after the premium payment is made. If the annuity is purchased with after-tax dollars, then a tax advantaged payout is provided.

Broadly speaking, an Immediate Annuity is an insurance product which, for a single sum of money, provides a guaranteed income for life or a period of years. A Deferred Annuity is an insurance product which, (usually) for a single sum of money, accumulates on a Tax Deferred basis for a period of time and may be used at a future date to provide a guaranteed income for life or a period of years. It is important to realize that deferred annuities generally have limited liquidity for a period of time and may be subject to withdrawal or surrender charges. When you purchase any annuity contract, you should read your contract and any related certificate of disclosure carefully. It is also important to distinguish between guaranteed and non-guaranteed rates and other assumptions when evaluating various annuity products.

Fixed Annuities provide…

  • Preservation of Principal – SAFETY First!
  • Guaranteed rates of return
  • Long-Term Planning Products
  • Lifetime Income Stream

Indexed Annuities…

  • Provide the Same Benefits of a Fixed Annuity but with More Upside Potential
  • Eliminate the Downside Risk
  • Protect the Accumulated Value within the Account
  • Provide a Guaranteed Minimum Rate of Return
  • Tracks a specific market index
  • Usually S&P500
  • When the index is positive / market gains value
  • A percentage of the gain is credited to client’s Account
  • Adjusted by “Participation Rates” / “Caps” / “Fees”
  • When the index is negative / market loses value
  • NO losses deducted from client’s Account – Account stays even
  • Once you’ve earned it, you can’t lose it!

Fixed Indexed Annuities are a unique type of Fixed Annuity which may offer you the same benefits, features, and guarantees of traditional Fixed Annuities, plus the potential for the competitive interest crediting. This unique type are probably best described as Fixed Annuities with an interest crediting option linked to an outside index. Fixed Indexed Annuities combine the features of a Fixed Annuity — including tax-deferred accumulation, a guaranteed minimum value, and guaranteed income at retirement — with an interest crediting option that generally gives contract holders a very competitive rate of return over the long term, particularly when the market indices are increasing in value. This interest crediting is called an Indexed Strategy, and it links the amount of interest credited to the annuity to the performance of a specific index; for example, the Standard & Poor’s 500® Stock Index (S&P 500®). Fixed Indexed Annuities give contract holders a choice. Depending on their needs and personal tolerance for risk, contract holders can select a traditional “declared” rate of interest, or they can select one or more indexed strategies, or both. 

Qualified vs Non Qualified Annuity

Tax wise, what is the difference between a qualified and non-qualified annuity? 

The biggest difference is that qualified annuities are funded with pre-tax money, while non-qualified annuities are purchased with after-tax money.... Non-qualified annuities are tax-deferred and grow tax-free until a withdrawal is made or it is annuitized. All distributions from a qualified annuity are taxed, but not all from a non-qualified are. The premiums paid into non-qualified annuities are not deductible.  Therefore, distributions that are a return of principal are not taxed, only the interest earned is.  Premiums paid for qualified annuities are deductible so all distributions from them are taxable.

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