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A Living Trust Is The Most Loving Thing You Can Do For Your Family

Is a Living Trust Right For You?
Learn more by listening to a 9 Minute, Toll-Free, Telephone Living Trust Presentation Call (866) 927-8552 x1
(also in Spanish x2).

If you answer “Yes” to any of the statements below, you just might need a Living Trust:
* I want to avoid the Probate process
* I own real estate or I have a mortgage
* I own real estate in multiple states
* I have minor children
* I have a Special Needs Child
* I have children from a previous marriage
* I own assets from a previous marriage
* I don't want to leave difficult decisions to my loved ones
* I value my privacy
* I want to leave a loving legacy

Are All Trusts the Same??
Not All Living Trusts Are Created Equally. Here's why I recommend Heritage Living Trust:

* Preparing Living Trusts Nationally Since 1990
* Comprehensive Living Trusts
* Free Lifetime Changes
* Free Lifetime Support

About Our Living Trusts 

There was a time in the "Good Old Days" when a hardworking person was respected, and could pass his wealth to his family without trouble.

Times are changing and we are witnessing a new era of economic misery. This misery index is called "The Cost of Dying", and it measures the aggregate cost of final sickness and death in financial terms.

Probate is not the only hardship your estate will suffer. Today you must add other substantial cost considerations to your estate planning.

They deserve your careful consideration if you are to avoid the difficulties and financial pitfalls that can destroy all you've worked hard to accumulate and to pass to your children. Your financial future depends on your being prepared.

Let us guide you through the process of establishing your Living Trust. Unlike a Will, a Living Trust has many living benefits in addition to avoiding Probate: A Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Durable Power of Attorney for Assets and Healthcare, Guardian for Minor Children, and more.

Heritage Living Trust has been guiding people through the process of passing assets from generation to generation for over 20 years since 1989. Visit our Heritage website which contains many valuable information resources that will protect your family and save you thousands of dollars.